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Seeking setup advice with multiple servers


I have the situation where we have multiple servers - 1 (maybe more) for each customer as a SaaS service. We don’t have a lot of users 10-50 at this point for each customer, but we are planning on a public server which will hopefully hit the 10k’s.

I’ve currently set up a separate tenant for each server (SaaS) endpoint. I’m not sure that makes the most sense, but we thought also that our customers might need admin access to manage their users. I’m also still using the free level - I’d be happy to pay for things but it seems to be based on the tenant, and I can’t afford to pay for all of the tenants separately (still poor bootstrappers) and also need to keep them as consistent as possible. Looks like I could set them all up as separate applications in a single tenant with ability to manage users separately per application?

I’m also struggling with the limitations for DevOps but that would go away since you can’t create tenants using API calls, but if I can run this all via applications inside a tenant that has full API functionality from what I can tell. Then I just need to figure out how to migrate users seamlessly (and after our next licensing agreement closes - happy to spend some money on Auth0 consulting to help make that happen).

Auth0 is powerful, but power is always directly correlated with complexity :slight_smile:



Hey there @wshayes! You indeed are able to setup separate applications under a single tenant. From there you can leverage rules to make sure that each user only has access to the correct application. You can even build out individual admins who can administer over their given application pool. Please let me know if this helped answer your questions!


Hi James,

Thanks this does help me figure out the path forward.

Given we have a SPA backed by several API’s using different docker containers and therefore have a collection of services that need to be served with separate authentication and users, does using a single tenant with multiple applications seem like the best approach to you?


Yes I believe that is the best cost effective approach forward. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Here is some documentation in to help you in your pursuit:


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