Proper Multi tenant set up

Dear Auth0 community,

I am about to set up my Auth0 account and I want to do it right from scratch. I need the cover the following scenario:

  • We are a service provider serving multiple customers and their applications
  • CustomerA: WebApp1, MobileApp1, App11, App12
  • CustomerB: MobileApp2, App21, App22, App23
  • CustomerC: WebApp3, App31
  • Each customer has their own user accounts which are only valid for their scope. As a user of CustomerA I created an account using my email/facebook/google. the user should be able to authenticate in all customerA’s applications, however, it cannot l be authenticated in CustomerB or CustomerC applications without creating a new user account in one of their applications, potentially using the same email/facebook/google.
  • Each customer has their own email validation, reset password, etc email templates. Each customer wants to have their logo and corporate design in their templates.
  • Me, as a service provider I would like to have a centralized place/dashboard to manage all customers and its users.

What is the proper way to set up Aut0 to cover the use cases?

I highly appreciate any guidance from the community.

Thanks in advance,


My best recommendation would be to:

  • have a separate account for each customer;
  • each App would of course be a separate client;
  • you won’t have consolidated dashboard for all customers, but you can easily switch between accounts.

A core issue with this is how to automatically sign up for a new Auth0 account when a new customer signs up for our service. There doesn’t look to be an API to do that so we’d have to get our DevOps staff to manually set up new customers. No SaaS company who wants to scale would ever consider doing it this way.