Search for blocked users within a tenant?


(Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything in the guides or on the FAQ. This question is NOT about using the APIs; this question relates to user search on the actual website)

Is there a way to search for users within a tenant that have been blocked?

For my situation, I need to find all blocked users who are related to a specific App-Id, but that is more complicated. Just being able to search through all the blocked users would be of great help. Thanks


Hi @NANDtrocity Welcome to Auth0 community.

You can search blocked users using user search v3 However users aren’t directly associated with App-id (assuming you mean client_id). Users belong to connections and not to the clients (apps). Think facebook users, database users, google-app users etc. Unless you yourself store client_id inside user or app metadata when they signup/first time login. In that case you can combine blocked AND app_metadata.client_id together to search users.


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