Get a list of users blocked by bruteforce

Are there any plans to allow a list of user who have been blocked by bruteforce to be searched for/retrieved using the management API?

I have a user management page for administrators within my application which shows a summary of user details including block status (obtained using the GET /api/v2/users).

However this doesn’t seem to include details of users blocked by bruteforce. I know I can check a users block status individually but I would prefer not to do this because it will cause rate limiting issues.

It would be useful for an administrator to see at a glance if any accounts are potentially being attacked. I guess an alternative would be to setup a service to watch the Auth0 logs and send an alert to an administrator instead.

Apologies if I have missed something obvious.



Hello, Peter!

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in Auth0.

We recommend that you reach out to our Product team directly by going to so they can take this in consideration for future improvements.

Thank you!

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Hi Sonich,

Any update / news about this feature?