SAML Users appearing as 'empty'

We are creating users using SAML. Listing the users in the Console shows all the users as ‘empty’. This is literally impossible to provide support to users. What is needed to get the user_id listed ?

Does this require an Auth0 Rule, or can it be configured?

Hi @arthuston-abacus ,

It sounds like the relevant attributes aren’t being provided in the SAML Response back to Auth0, or at least not using standard attribute names, and hence the empty profile attributes you are seeing.

I would recommend decoding the SAML response from the IdP that should be getting to sent to the /login/callback endpoint, or enable debug mode for the connection to find the original_profile in the tenant’s logs.

This way you can see what is being returned for a user and then update your mapping configuration as needed to bring the attributes into the Auth0 profile:

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