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SAML and other authentication



Say that I config my tenant to allow authentication with SAML, Google, Git, and DB.
Some of my users logging-in with social, some with DB and some with SAML.

  1. Does Auth0 allow such configuration?
  2. Say that I use Auth0 Lock for authentication - do I connect to Auth0 with OUTH2.0 for all methods including SAML users? (i.e. Auth0 connects to the user’s organization to authenticate with SAML, but connect to my app with OUTH2.0)


  1. While it’s possible to use authentication from multiple providers as you describe under the same tenant, it’s not possible to allow a user to choose between logging in via SAML and separate type of connection (e.g., social) under the same instance of Lock.

  2. If you are using the hosted login page, then yes, you use the authentication API to start the OAuth 2.0 authorization process.


I would like to understand if Auth0 supports this architecture:
![alt text][1]