Registering multiple SAML IdP to one SAML SP

How do i enable multi tenancy with one SAML configuration similar to Azure Active Directory. Azure AD allow to enable “common” that allow user from any tenancy can login using one configuration. On my website i would like to have only one button for SAML that will allow user from any tenancy to authenticate. I am using Auth0 SDK 7.6.1.

With Lock i can add Email Domain in SAML config. this will allow user to enter email address and Auth0 use SAML config base on email domain. How would i do that using Auth0 SDK 7.6.1?

You would need to replicate what Lock does, more specifically, your client application would need to obtain information about each SAML connection and the associated email domains. Having this information the application would then need to find the correct connection to use by matching the email address that the user entered.

You can obtain the information about each connection dynamically through the Management API, in particular, the get connections endpoint. As an alternative and if your SAML connections are mostly static and unlikely to change, you could hardcode that information in the application itself, however, this would not be very robust.