Rollback option?

Does Auth0-deploy-cli support rollback option in case of failed deployment?

I recently stumbled upon the case where 90% of code from the repository was deployed to Auth0 but Grants failed. I thought in case of failed deployment Auth0 would rollback to previous working configuration.

I know it’s achievable with Bitbucket deployments but I have a requirement to use auth0-deploy-cli. I can’t find anything about it in documentation

Thank you in advance

Hi @Fenio,

Unfortunately there is not a built in rollback option with the Deploy CLI currently, instead you would need to take a manual backup export of your working config, and re-import that backup in the event of an error with your new config. As you mentioned, the other deployment extensions offer the benefits of a source control repo.

Please feel free to raise this as a feature request here though: - our product team review submissions here to prioritise new features.

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Thank you for the answer!

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We’re here for you @Fenio!

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