Bitbucket Deployment tool & Release Management

Hi Community,

I like the Bitbucket Deployments extension and have used it for deployments via Bitbucket.
However deployments on pushes, merges and other webhook triggers does not seem to suit my current project’s requirements?

Have any of you had experience with controlling Auth0 deployments via release management software?
In my project’s case this is Octopus Deploy. Bamboo could be an option if needed, or any other method outside of version control software.


For more information on my post, below is the pipeline we are currently looking at:
Hosted Pages code in Bitbucket.
TeamCity (for all our normal builds).
Octopus to manage deployments \ promotions.

hey sam,

did you see auth0-deploy-cli project?

You can run this cli from a custom Octopus script to deploy your Auth0 assets as part of your deployment pipeline.


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Thanks for the quick response Zahmed!
I had not seen this, as I had only delved into extensions so far.

Thanks for the tip and I will look into scripting up deployments via this.
Much appreciated.