a)Deploy with Azure Pipelines. How to rollback import?

After exporting all my settings to a yml file using a0Deploy from my Dev Tenant. If I import the settings to QA tenant is there a way to rollback in case there are some error or settings mistake?

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I understand that you’d like to know if you can roll back the tenant setting import to your QA tenant in the event something goes wrong.

In that situation, you could export your QA tenant using the Auth0-Deploy CLI and save the configuration as a YAML file. This will serve as a backup copy that you can re-import in case something happens.

Since the Auth0-Deploy CLI can only export/import these tenant configuration settings, be mindful that changes outside of those tenant objects will not revert when you rollback.

Please let me know if I’ve addressed your question.

Thank you.

Thank you. I understand now. I’ll apply this setup.

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Hi @msuguitan,

That sounds great!

If there are any other questions or concerns, feel free to continue this thread.

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