How to Handle Auth0 Updates Introduced in the Auth0-Deploy-CLI

Problem statement

The auth0-deploy-cli is used to import and export config files from Auth0 in and out of a Github repository. These changes are synced monthly, and expect minimal changes to the config within that time frame.

However, there are often updates from Auth0, such as updates for the /branding, /attack-protection and /prompts folders. Are there recommended best practices for handling these updates, or how often to try to sync up, since it takes time to understand, commit, and approve the Auth0 changes and adds bloat to the Github repo for features not being utilized?


Though there is not a reliable change log that customers can use to see what new updates have been added to the Deploy CLI, it is possible to exclude certain resources from being managed by the Deploy CLI. By doing this, the client can focus on using the Deploy CLI to handle only the subset of resources related to the Auth0 configuration.