Reverting Saved HTML of Universal Login Page

I accidentally reverted our instance of the customized login page before copying and saving elsewhere and can’t seem to revert. The “reset to last” doesn’t seem to be working. Are these versions saved somewhere so that we can revert to a previous version?


Hey there @crawford!

Not entirely sure about that but let me reach out to appropriate team and see what they have to share on that!

Hey @crawford ,

I checked with appropriate team but I’ve got bad news. Unfortunately it’s not doable.

Thanks for checking, I appreciate it!

No worries! Let me know if you have any more questions!

I suggest you enable integration with some revision system and use it to deploy. As an example Azure DevOps (via git).

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Thanks for sharing it @bragma! Yep it seems like the best solution here as from our side it’s not possible.

Is there any documentation on the available integrations with the Universal Login Page? We now have our universal login page on git.

I actually did some deeper research and it seems like there is even from our side:

There you go :slight_smile:

Awesome, love seeing the Bitbucket extension. Thanks!

No worries, got you covered!

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