Reuse deleted tenant

I signed up with and created a tenant (

Next time I logged in with an outlook account and created

I wanted to get both my tenants under the same account, so I deleted the eu tenant, logged into the gmail account, and I am unable to create this tenant under that account, eventho I just deleted it.

I THEN read, it is not possible to re-use a deleted tenant name??
In the documentation this is NOT clear. The example picture does not say anything like this.

Is it possible to re-use the tenant under the gmail account?
Please help.

Is it possible for payment?

Kind regards,
Hugo Cox

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Nope! I went through basically the same situation only to end up right here with you. Tenant name taken by old account

As @andrew8 said unfortunately it’s one of the requests we don’t allow for.

If you wish to submit that feedback with context directly to our product team via our feedback site:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks for the feedback link @konrad.sopala, I have done so. I hope @h.n.c.cox can take the time to do the same because I guarantee we’re not the only ones to have run into this surprising behavior.

Thank you a lot for that!

I also submitted the feedback.

I really want to reuse the correct name again on my production account…
Even if against a payment…

Thank you a lot for submitting that!

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