Question Related to Deleted Tenant

I’ve got a client who wants to use Auth0 services. He made an account on Auth0, and the tenant name was some random text. Now he wanted me to create a new tenant with the name of his liking. So, for that, I was testing the creation of multiple tenants on my account, and I created a tenant named ‘exploremeds’, which he wanted to use, and after checking it out, I deleted that tenant so that he could create a tenant on his account. But now, when he tries to create a tenant with the same name, which I already deleted from my account, he receives this error: “A tenant with the same name already exists,” but I’ve already deleted it from my account.
I’ve already gone through the Auth0 docs, and it says that once a tenant is deleted, you cannot use it again on your account, but his account is a completely separate one, and now he wants to use that tenant name. Is there anyway we can use that tenant name on his account?