Recover Auth0 Tenant Account


I am trying to add a new tenant to my account but it says the name already exist. Anyway I can recover the tenant account.
I had created the tenant with another email account but I don’t remember which email was used.


Hey there!

I’m not sure if I understand it correctly to be honest :smiley:

Can you describe step by step what happened and what you did? Thank you!

@konrad.sopala thanks for getting back.

See below…

  • Logged in to my Auth0 account
  • Tried to create a new tenant (“”) and got an error message saying “tenant name already exist…”

I have created an Auth0 test account previously in which the above tenant name already exist.

I do not remember the email I used to create the test Auth0 account. How can I recover the account/tenant in the context above? Or is there a way to know which email the tenant name “” belongs to?


So basically we can’t move a tenant over to a different account, esp. not for the free tenants.

I cannot disclose you the email you used for creating that tenant simply because of privacy reasons. What I can do is to send you an email at that email you used for creation of that tenant to verify that indeed you own that and you created that tenant with the use of that email and from there you will be able to use that tenant. Do you want me to proceed?

Hello @konrad.sopala, yes please proceed.
Thank you very much for your assistance on this.

Sure starting the procedure now!