Retrieving SendGrid Api Key from Action Event


I’m creating a custom action that sends our users an email whenever they log in. I have the code working by utilizing a local secret created in my custom action.

My issue is that I now have two places where I’ve entered my SendGrid api key in Auth0. Its entered in:

  1. User Management → Branding → Email Provider
  2. Actions → Library → Details → MyAction

Is there a way I can access my SendGrid api key that I entered into User Management → Branding → Email Provider in my custom action via event.secrets.SomeKey or some other mechanism?


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Hi @jibrazil,

Welcome back to the Auth0 Community!

There is no simple way to share that key from the Email Provider setting to the Actions Secrets.

Feel free to leave us some feedback on it in our #feedback category. Thank you!

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