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I searched the forum and while there has been some related discussion, I didn’t find an answer to my specific scenario. How can we use Auth0 to limit who can signup for our app, while still letting any previously registered user sign in?

Use-case: Our product is in private beta. We have an unpublished signup page, and we recently linked it to the main web site so private beta participants can easily sign-in. However, now anyone can signup, which we do not want to allow. I know that we can use domain allow lists to let only certain people signup, but that requires a bit of management overhead and doesn’t work well for someone that wants to use a personal email account.

Do we have any good options? Like requiring a code or using a dynamic URL path?

Hi @jmartens,

Are you using the New or Classic Universal Login Experience?

To hide the sign up link, you can disable signups for the database connection (Authentication > Database) This will work for either type of Universal Login page:

If you are using Classic, another option would be to use the allowSignup config in the Lock configurations in a customized login template (Branding > Universal Login > Login tab):

I think we are using new, we are a new customer. Unfortunately, we can’t just hide the signup, because then no one would be able to signup. We want to let only certain people sign up (invited beta users), but not random people that happen to click the login link and try to signup.

I see, thanks for providing additional context! One options would be to follow this guide for setting up an email invitation flow:

Otherwise, you can switch to the Classic Universal Login so that you have more configuration options. If using classic, you can use a query string parameter to the /authorize request to determine whether or not to display the sign up link.

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a configuration option for the New Universal Login experience that would be able to show or not show the sign up link based on query params (related topic: Don't show "Sign Up" option on New Universal Login - #5 by dan.woda). You can also provide your use case in a feature request in our feedback category for the community and product team to review: Feedback - Auth0 Community

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