Make “Sign Up”-Availability configurable on the application-level

Feature: Make “Sign Up”-Availability configurable on the application-level for New Universal Login

Description: It would be helpfull to have a setting which enables/disables the “Sign Up” for a specific application. Currently we only have the following options:

  1. disable signup for a connection
  2. deny signup in a Pre-User-Registration Action (as described here: Make “Sign Up” available for only one application - Auth0 Community) → the user will still see the signup link
  3. hide the signup-link by using a custom template

Using Option 2 and 3 together have the intended effect, but it feels like a workaround. Moreover option 3 highly depends on Auth0 not changing the html of the New Universal Login which makes it fragile.

Use-case: We have two applications and one shared database-connection (so Option 1 doesn’t work for us). The first application should support signup while the other should not.

100% agreed! It would simplify many things if this simple functionality would be available with just a simple toggle switch on the backend dashboard.