Make "Sign Up" available for only one application

I have 3 applications. I want to control the sign ups only thgough the primary application and disable this option for 2 other application. How to do it?
Was doing the research, and so far found only two ways.

  1. Disable signup toggle for the database. This will not work, because it will disable sign ups for all applications. Or I can create a second database for two other applications and somehow sync it to a primary database?
  2. The option I found is add a custom script to a “Classic login” experience, and add a sign up visibility by client id. It works. But I would like to stay with a new universal login experience, how to configure it there?

Thank you!

Hi artembondar,

Thanks for reaching out to auth0 Community.

It appears that you can achieve this goal using Auth0’s Pre-User Registration actions.
This feature allows you to execute a custom action before a user actually signs up. Within this action, you can check if the client ID matches your primary application. If it does, you can allow the registration to proceed.
For more information, please refer to the following documentation


Thank you
This solution worked perfectly! :slight_smile:

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