Restore Deleted Client

Problem statement

A client application has been deleted, with the result that users are unable to log in.

This has given rise to a requirement to either:

  • Restore the deleted client application
  • Create a new application, using the client_id of the deleted client


Restore a deleted client

It is not possible to restore a client application that has been deleted by a customer.
For further information, refer to the list of Unsupported Requests.

It is strongly recommended that regular backups are made of a tenant’s configuration. For further information, refer to Deploy CLI Tool.

Use client_id of deleted client

It is not possible to create a client application with a specific client_id.

One option is to use a new client ID with the application. This should be the easiest option if the app is a regular web or single-page application. It may be more challenging for mobile apps as it will need a new version of the app to be published on an app store.