Is it possible to change Client ID and Client Secret?

Let’s say that I delete an application by mistake.

I would like to create new application and manually change client ID/secret to be the same as deleted ones. This way I don’t need to update all clients with new client ID/secret.

Is this possible to do in Auth0?

Hi @petrovic.zoran,

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You can change the client secret via the management API, but it doesn’t seem possible to change the client ID.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

@dan.woda this would be nice feature to have. Also an option for disabling extension would be great.
I inherited the project and there seams to be a lot of unused things.
Right now you cannot just switch off something on Auth0 and see if it will break the rest of the system.

Thank you for the feedback. Would you please submit it to here? This is where we manage feature requests.

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@dan.woda Thank you for the link. I submitted feedback but I must admit that feedback form is a little strange.

After submitting, ‘name’ and ‘email’ fields stay unchanged, the ‘message’ text area is cleared and submit button becomes disabled.

No other feedback from that form, like “Thank you” or “Message sent”… So I hope that everything went well and someone will receive it.

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Thanks! I think you should be good!

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