Reseting MFA does not disable it


I’m a bit confused on how to completly disable MFA for a specific user.

  • User enrolled in MFA using the Gardian App
  • In the Admin dashboard, I can see the MFA info and the text “User is enrolled on MFA. Reset MFA”
  • If I click “Reset MFA”. The MFA info is cleared anf the text " MFA is enabled for this user. Send an enrollment invitation" is shown.


If I get the user info from the Management API endpoint (https://{{auth0_domain}}/api/v2/users/:id), the MFA info still appear as

“multifactor”: [

This element is not present for user that never enrolled into MFA.

Is it possible to clear this information from the user?



Hey there!

Let me research that for you and get back here with the news soon!