Reset password flow on widget

we would like to be able to do a reset your password flow which the widget supports without having to change anything in the frontend or backend of our website and apps. E.g. We reset a users password and we would like them to either enter a new password on login or be prompted to reset their password or

we expire everyone’s password and require them to reset on next login. All through the widget…

Hey there @jdkatz!

Let me see what I can find on this and I will reach back out to you with the results, thanks!

I looked into this with our team @jdkatz but we didn’t fully understand the initiative. Can you take sometime when you get a moment to detail more about your stack, workflow, and the tools you are leveraging? Thanks in advance!

I wanted to touch base on this @jdkatz and see if you had any additional details you could share on this front? Thanks in advance!

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