"Rescheduled - Action Required: Update AWS Integration by 2020-11-17 13:30 UTC"

I just received an email about my Auth0 AWS Cognito integration. Today is 11/13. The actions required are due by 11/17. 4 days heads up if you include today (it’s 8pm on Friday), and 2 of those days are the weekend (Saturday/Sunday). We have 7 different clients that will need updating, if I understand correct. You’ve given 4 days heads up for me to understand the changes you’re making, and then update my clients, alert my customers they need to upgrade, and then have them upgrade.

This is not only impossible to accomplish, but completely unacceptable. Changes like this need to be given months in advance.

Hi @cam,

I apologize for the inconvenience. It looks like this was an unexpected impact and as such was not planned. Typically, we try to give greater lead time. As you have pointed out <4 days over a weekend is not ideal. Thanks for your patience on this issue and again, we apologize for the short lead.