Update Platform Infrastructure Upgrade for Public Instances

Hello everyone! Starting May 11th, 2023, Auth0 will be performing platform infrastructure upgrades to public cloud tenants. No action is required, and we are sending notifications to customers with tenants in each environment prior to the expected upgrade window for that environment. We expect this upgrade to be seamless but please feel free to keep an eye on the Auth0 status page for any updates.

What is changing?

These infrastructure upgrades will provide:

  • Improved RTO and RPO resiliency including enhanced support for Geo Redundant (multi-region) deployments.
  • Architecture scalability which includes a new public cloud region in UK that is now open for new tenants
  • Enhancements in security around segmentation, isolation, role-based access control, and encryption

Upgrades will be conducted first for non-production tagged tenants, followed by testing and monitoring, and then by production tagged tenants. We expect these upgrades to be seamless, with no impact to your tenant operations.

How can you get additional assistance?

We are always here to help. Please feel free to let us know below if you have any questions or concerns below in the comments!


Can you help with the time value for RTO and RPO. It will help the customers to plan their service’s RPO and RTO.