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Migrate from Public cloud to Private standard cloud


i’m using Auth0 on a public cloud.
wanted to check an option to enable HA feature and seem slike its only possible on private cloud.
i wonder, is there any option to switch public cloud tenants to a private cloud deployment?


Hi Chen,

We’re going through that process right now. It’s not automatic. Auth0 provides a service where they will copy your tenant config to the private cloud, and at some point you switch tenants. It’s not 100% smooth but it gets you ~95% of the way there.

Worth noting: the tenant hostname ( will change, which will impact your apps / APIs.

Edit: It might be 100% smooth, depending on your config. In our case we have some partner SSO connections. Changing tenants means coordinating with our partners to update our SAML endpoints in their systems. So less smooth!

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That is totally correct!