Replace string "password" in Signup with more understandable text

Hi Auth0 team,

can you replace by default the “Password” string on Signup form by something more understandable for all of the users of your customers, like “create your password” or “your new password”.

We have a lot of problems with invited users to our app, redirecting them to signup auth0 form: “i don’t know yet my password” => They don’t understand that they have to write their FIRST password for their account.

Hello Clement,

I answered a similar question here.

This particular screen is called signup and to update the password placeholder text, please make a PUT request to the following Management API endpoint:


With the following payload:

    "signup": {
        "passwordPlaceholder": "Create a new password"

You can also do it via the Management API Explorer if you set up your Management API V2 Access Token.


It would be really nice to edit easily these strings with auth0 and other tools like, and not using the api