How to have a more synthetic text for Signup Form + know the right text keys we can use in universal login templates

1- In the screenshot bellow you can read “Sign Up to Clovis to continue to Clovis.”. How is that possible to just display 'Signup to Clovis" ?

2- In the Auth0 default form, what is the string value for “Create your account”, so we can add it to our sign up form, with standard i18n support by auth0

3- Same question for the text “Set your password for Auth0 to continue to Auth0” in this other signup form you display, which key can we use ?

As a synthesis, could be really nice to have a full doc about all the key you provide for universal logins, that support i18n translations

Hello Clement,

As per your screenshot, you are using the New Universal Login experience. To update the text, you will need to use the Management API.

For example, to update the Log in to ${companyName} to continue to ${clientName}. text, you will need to make a PUT request to https://your_auth0_domain/api/v2/prompts/login/custom-text/en with the following payload:

    "login": { 
        "description": "Log in to ${companyName}" 

The following two screenshots are the signup-password screen. So to change it, the following request is needed:

PUT https://your_auth0_domain/api/v2/prompts/signup-password/custom-text/en

    "signup-password": {
        "title": "Create a new account!",
        "description": "Please use a strong password"

More information on updating the text prompts is here: Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts


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