Feature Request: Ability to add custom language text to prompts.customText

Feature: ability to add our own custom language text strings to the prompts.customText for universal login template

We would like to have the ability to add our own custom text strings to Auth0 for custom text we have added to the universal login template. This could be links to help text, custom disclaimers, etc. We would then be able to add this new value for each of our supported languages, and have auth0 provide the appropriate value to the universal template.

Current behavior:

PUT https://manage.auth0.com/api/prompts/login/custom-text/en`
{ "login": { "ext-trouble-signing-in": "Trouble signing in? Get Help." } 
{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Invalid key \"ext-trouble-signing-in\" in screen \"login\".","errorCode":"invalid_body"}

We would like to add a custom link on the universal login template. This will include new custom text that does not already exist in the universal login screens. For example, we have added a custom link to the universal login template that provides our users a link to documentation to help them understand the login process or contact us for assistance.

Our only option right now is to hard-code the text in one language, possibly even embedding some javascript to dynamically translate the text in the browser.

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