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I am trying to customize the description text on the login prompt, but can’t seem to find a way to add a link to the content. If this isn’t possible is there somewhere I can find the default template for prompt, specifically auth0:widget so that I can create my own template and add the changes that I need? Documentation seems to be missing a lot of details.

Hi @kris.frenette,

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To confirm, you are trying to add a link to this text?

Yes, I know I can do the text, but can’t add a link.

Thanks for clarifying.

Adding a link is not currently possible with New UL. I’d be happy to talk through other solutions if you can provide more info about your use case.

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@dan.woda given you are required by law to change the text to something like By clicking continue, you agree to our <a href="...">Terms of Service</a> and <a href="...">Privacy Policy</a> . Very much like your sign up page. How is this supposed to work if one cannot add links?


Our signup page is a solution. That is certainly an option for you, if you’d like to go that route.

If you want to stick to New Universal Login, you can add those links in the footer. Here is an example Universal Login Pages.

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