Add custom text with links to New Universal Login footer

I’d like to add custom text with a link to my Universal Login page. I see how I can add custom text, but it does not support HTML so I can’t add a link. Is there any way to add a link anywhere on this page? I need to link to our app’s Terms of Service.

This question was previously asked here but the solution (adding them to the footer) appears to be no longer supported: Customize text with HTML

Hello @leahjlou welcome to the community!

If there’s no forced user interaction requirement you can simply add the text and link as a footer as outlined in this doc.

If there is an interaction requirement, you’d need to look into Progressive Profiling - Essentially you would want to add a flag in metadata, redirect to your terms and conditions based on the metadata using Actions. The Management API can be used to set the metadata once a user has accepted terms and conditions after which you’d return the user to your Action and evaluate accordingly.

Hope this helps!

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