Customize New Universal Login footer with external links

Hi there! I would like to know how we can add custom text to our Sign Up page. We are using the New Universal Login. Our goal is add a link to terms and conditions.

I was able to find similar questions on the forum asked by others however the links are broken.

i have done similar custmozitation easly.
check API


after gettting the token you can use that api to add footer in yur login page.


Hey @a.cristofanini - do you have a sample body that you use with this endpoint to add whatever you want in the footer?

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Hi @Tamimi.AlTamimi my code is already sent to Ticket #02320734 reference ref:_00D37JYbE._500Ho1G3wHu:ref


Hi @Tamimi.AlTamimi ,

I hope you found what you needed!
If not, please take a look at the page here that explains everything you need about using a Custom Page Template, as well as example code for a page footer on the NewUL.


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