Feature Request - Support custom prompts and their localization

We have use cases in both the universal login template and email templates where we have our own custom verbiage we want to add to the templates. We can of course modify the html templates themselves, but we also need to support localization. Currently, the only way I believe this can be done is by using liquid bindings like so:

{% if "de" == locale %} Wir sind hier, um Ihnen zu helfen! {% else %} We're here to help! {% endif %}

This becomes unwieldy as you add more locales to support. It would be great if we could have CRUD actions for creating custom prompts, probably namespaced as to not clash with Auth0s given ones, such that we can create our own prompt bindings that work with auth0’s built in locale support.

Hi @ishoemaker,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community and creating this feature request.

I will be changing the category of your post to Feedback, so that it includes a way to upvote feedback requests, with higher votes getting higher implementation priority.

With that said, please don’t forget to vote for this request!

Have a great rest of your day.

Thank you.

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