How to translate auth0_prompt_partials

I’m currently adding some custom text to my universal login widget, using form_content_end in a prompt_partials. The prompt that I am adding informs users that by logging in, they agree to the terms and conditions.

I need to localize this content into 5 language, and my current method feels more clunky that I would expect.

I’m setting the form_content_end to this liquid template:

<div>{{ prompt.screen.texts.varTermsAndConditions }}</div>

and I’m then creating a auth0_prompt_custom_text named var-terms-and-conditions, which I’m overriding for each language, with the actual localised content. Here is my var-terms-conditions for en, for example:

By logging in you confirm that you accept the...

It would be much more convenient if I could specify the language directly when making my auth0_prompt_partials, so that I can avoid the indirection through the liquid. The only reason I need it is because I can’t specify a language on the partial.