Removing `Don’t have an account? Sign up` from Login form and keep email invites

Hi community!

Is it possible to remove the Don’t have an account? Sign up option and still be able to invite users to organizations via email invites?

I only envision users registering in my app through those invites I’ll send to them.

Hi @fcarvalho

Thanks for reaching out to Auth0 Community!

it is possible to not have the “Don’t have an account? Sign up” option. If you are using the Username-Password-Authentication database or have created a new database connected to your organization, there is an option to disable the signup toggle button in database setting. However, a consideration arises if you have disabled signup and invited users to the organization, how will they sign up or log in to your application without setting their password?

On the other hand, if you want to invite new members to the organisation without enabling signup, from my understanding, the process entails manually creating users in user management and subsequently sending invitations within the organisation.


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