Remove text below welcome in new universal login screen

Is there a way to customize this message on the free plan:

Log in to xxx to continue to xxx

Even Auth0 has this message when logging in, but looks like a strange sentence to me:

Hey there!

I’m not sure about the limitations on the ‘free’ part and if they apply on the customizations.

The text itself is adjustable and is described in the following documentation: prompt: login

It’s updatable through the management api or you could use the new fancy Developer CLI for this I think: Introducing the Auth0 CLI

Hope it helps, good luck!


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I don’t think it is possible on the free plan. I get this error:

{“statusCode”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“This feature requires at least one custom domain to be configured for the tenant.”}

And custom domains are not possible on the free plan.

Not a big problem. Thanks for the help.

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