Registration is not working correctly


  • using custom database (Azure SQL)
  • using SendGrid account for sending email verification

What happens:
After I filled out the registration page (username, email, password) and clicked the submit button the user was added to my database. But: no email was sent and at client side the dialog stays in registration mode.

Auth0 log says following:

Email test ended without exception and everything worked as expected.
Any ideas?

BTW: same behaviour when I use the “Try Connection” button (custom database scipts)

Hi @Softwerker04,

I would suspect this error is coming from your custom DB script. Have you been able to track down the source of the error? This doc describes how to do that.

Additionally, would you please share a code snippet of your custom DB login script?

Hi Dan,

thanks for your answer, it is working now. Currently I have a custom database (SQL Azure), registration and login is working and SendGrid works also in most cases. There is still a problem with some email addresses, but this is just SendGrid stuff. :wink:

May be you can tell me what is the best practice to get the ID of logged in user at API side (ASP.NET CORE API)? I tried to check HttpContext but I havent’t found the user ID which should come from my own database.
For example: I have an API method where I have to return a record set regarding to the user who called this method. How would I implement this functionality? Do I have to add a claim with this ID by myself?

EDIT: Found it:

Can be closed now, everything works fine.

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Great! Glad you were able to find a solution.