Regarding the change in Japan's public invoice rules

In Japan, new rules will be added to the tax system starting in October.
The qualified invoice-based method (the invoice system).
When I contacted the Okta/Auth0 email consultation desk about how auth0 subscription-billing, I was introduced to this community.
Is it possible to get an answer regarding the company’s response here?

Hi @SKak,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I’ll reach out to our team and see what information I can find.

Thank you!

How is the progress of this matter?

To explain in detail
In Japan, the invoice system will start in October, so how will your company handle it?
Would you be registered as a qualified invoice issuing business?
Do you have a qualified invoice number?

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Hi @SKak,

I apologize for the delay. Still waiting to hear back from the team.

I’ll reach out to some other people and see if I can find an answer. In the mean time, could you please DM me the name of your account?

As you requested, I sent my account information to your DM.
However, this is a topic that is unrelated to my account cause this is about your Japan legal response…

I confirmed Okta Japan’s sales team that Okta inc. will not be enrolled in the invoice system.
This issue has been resolved. Thank you for trying to help.

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Thanks for posting an update.

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