Redirecting to SAML based Auth0 SSO enabled HubSpot content using id_token

I am building an SSO between Hubspot’s private content and WurkNow. We have an Angular 9 frontend that uses 4.6 web api to access the backend and our current custom login process goes through the backend as well.

Our current process for the application is an owin based login using username and password. When the user logs in, it will create the user if it doesn’t exist and update if it does in Auth0 using the Auth0 Management APIs for the machine-to-machine application that I created. This process is working fine as expected. After login we will have the HubSpot link available in the portal which after clicking will be redirected to HubSpot private content without being asked for username and password.

For this I am trying to use:



"username": "",
"client_id": "{clientId},
"client_secret": "{clientSecret}",
"password" : "{mypassword}",


After I’ve received the the id and access token for the clientId & client Secret above provided in the Hubspot integration application we created in Auth0, I will use these as parameters following ‘hash’ along with the redirect_uri as below:


On the Hubspot side we have enabled the SAML2 based SSO that uses Auth0 as it’s IdP which I’ve verified and is working fine as expected.

All the processes such as creating & updating users using the Management API as well as Authenticating the user to get id & access token through the Authentication APIs are working as expected. However, when redirecting to the Hyperlink, it is always ignoring the tokens and throwing me to the Auth0 login.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.