Auth0 integration to HubSpot

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I want to use SSO/SAML integration with “Private Content” in HubSpot. Is there a way to do this already?


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I believe unfortunately not yet but thank you for advocating for that!

Ok, sad :frowning:
What can I do to push this to the front of your queue?

Pretty much nothing unfortunately. It works the same way as in every product team in the world. Those improvements / feature additions get implemented that have the biggest number of votes unless there is a very big significant enterprise customer that needs it.

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I found a solution that worked for me.

Hubspot Knowledgebase Authentication binding to Auth0 for


To set this up you need Administration rights both on HubSpot KnowledgeBase and the Auth0 Dashboard.

Configuration Configuration

  1. Login to the Auth0 Dashboard.
  2. Go to Applications and Create a new Application
  3. Name it reasonably
  4. Now switch to HubSpot and under Settings :gear:.
  5. Now navigate to the SettingsWebsitePrivate Content
  6. Choose a domain to edit. Select one domain!
  7. Under Single sign-on (SSO) select Setup SSO or Manage SSO
  8. Under the new Window copy the
  9. Audience Uri
  10. Sign on Url
  11. Now go back to the Auth0 Application you created above
  12. Under settings set the following:
  13. Application Login URI: This is the ’ Sign on Url’ from Hubspot
  14. Allowed Callback URLs: This is the ’ Sign on Url’ from Hubspot
  15. Allowed Logout URLs: This is the ’ Sign on Url’ from Hubspot
  16. Press on advanced settings below
  17. Under Certificates
  18. Copy the Signing Certificate
  19. Hit Save
  20. Under Addons (top ribbon) clock on SAML 2 Web App
  21. Settings: DO NOT ENABLE!
  22. Usage:
    1. Copy the field: Identity Provider Login URL
    2. Copy the field: Issuer
  23. Switch back to HubSpot SSO
  24. Put the value from Issuer into the field Identity Provider Identifier or Issuer URL
  25. Put the value from Identity Provider Login URL into the field Identity Provider Single Sign-on URL
  26. Put the value from Signing Certificate into the field X.509 Certificate
  27. Hit Enable
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Perfect! Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!