Does Auth0 support Hubspot SSO?

Does Auth0 support Hubspot SSO? I’m planning to integrate SSO with Hubspot for our Angular Web app.

Based on the below docs it looks like Hubspot support SAML 2.0 protocol which Auth0 supports.

So you should be able to integrate Hubspot app with Auth0.

Reg. integrating Angular spa app, you should be able to integrate this app using OIDC/OAuth & can to provide SSO between Angular app/Hub spot by using the Auth0 universal login.

Hope that helps!


Hi Praveen,

I tried above link, and it looks like this is working. But after the SSO logs in to Hubspot.
I get this as error.

Something went wrong

Your identity provider is configured with an incorrect or missing setting.


Email Address not found in NameID property.

I expect this is because Hubspot needs the email to map the user with Hubspot.
But how can I sent this email to Hubspot.

In `Addon: SAML2 Web App → Settings I added:

  "mappings": {
    "user_id": "",
    "email": "",
    "name": ""

What should pass it to Hubspot isn’t it?

I fixed it by setting email as username : Map SAML Attributes with Auth0 as IdP/SAML Add-on


Could you please elaborate on this, I am still facing the same error. :pray:

Follow the instructions here: Auth0 integration to HubSpot - #5 by benjamin9T

Then in your mappings (addons->saml) it should have this:
“mappings”: {
“email”: “”,

That worked for me.

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I received the following instructions from Auth0 support, and it enabled me to successfully verify in HubSpot.

Please go to your Dashboard > Auth Pipeline > Rules and create there a new rule with the following script:

function mapSamlAttributes(user, context, callback) {

context.samlConfiguration.mappings = {

"[](": "email",


callback(null, user, context);


Then save the rule

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Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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