Auth0 as Service Provider returning SAML Response instead of Auth0 IDToken

We have a client wanting to implement SSO using their security provider, Ping Federate, as IDP. They Authenticate correctly on their side and come to Auth0, as SP, where we run them through our actions to validate the user access and rights. However, when the user is redirected to the application callback we receive a SAML Response instead of the normal State & Code or idToken. We would preferer that Auth0 pass back its authentication information instead of or in addition to the SAML Response. I can not find how to accomplish this.

Hi @cbyrne,

From your description, it sounds like this may be an IdP-initiated flow, and you may have the Response Protocol, found under the connection’s IdP-Initiated SSO tab, set to SAML instead of OpenID Connect.

Setting this to OpenID Connect will return either a code or tokens (depending on the response_type) to the callback endpoint of your application.

Could you point to right direction how to get SAML response from SP. Because I need opposite that you was experience I need saml response instead of token id