IdP-Initiated SSO flow question

Hi all,

I have a situation where we want to use auth0 as a service provider in a IdP initiated SSO flow. In this situation I have a web app where users can log in via our own authentication. Once they log into our platform though, we have a section where if they click on a certain item they will be redirected to that URL. This is where Auth0 comes in handy as a service provider to redirect them after authentication.

Based on my understanding, this is what the flow should look like:

  • User successfully logs into my web application.

  • User clicks to navigate to a new webpage and wants to be logged in there.

  • IdP (my site) sends SAML token containing user data to Auth0 Application

  • Service provider (auth0 app) takes request and then calls the applications callback.

  • My callback endpoint gets data from auth0 and then redirects user

I guess what I don’t fully understand is what endpoint do I send my user data to in my auth0 application and if I have the correct understanding of the IdP-Initiated SSO flow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, looking forward to responses!


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We recommend to read the following documents:

Let us know if that documentation is helpful.