IdP-Initiated SSO where IdP provides the redirect_url

I have been looking through all of the documentation and am having a hard time locating a definitive answer for my question/situation.
Is there an easy way for the IdP of an IdP-Initiated SSO request (SAML Identity Provider) to include what page within the application they would want the user to land on?
Our application has 5 possible landing points, spread across 2 subdomains, all of which are in the allowed callback urls of the application setup. I want to avoid creating a separate Connection for each possible landing page and setting it manually in the query_string. I would prefer that the IdP provide it, whether in the SAML Assertion itself that is then used by our Auth0 configuration, or in a url parameter during the POST operation to start the workflow.
The preferred behavior is for Auth0 to just land the user on the page provided, instead of adding code to the main callback landing page to re-route the user.

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