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Hi, I’m creating a flow where an external application creates a user in Auth0. A service will then generate a change password ticket and send the link in a welcome email to the user. After the user changes his/ her password, we want him/ her to be redirected to the login page.

We are using the New Universal Login experience. And according to this documentation, the login URL needs to be set in the Application Settings. I tried this and it didn’t work (also tried with common URL like How does Auth0 know which application the user should be redirected to?

In this FAQ it mentions the URL can be set in tenant setting. But what if we have multiple applications and the login URL is not the same?


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Hi @adeliab,

Are you passing a client ID when you make the request for a pw change ticket?

That should determine which application the user is directed to after the successful password change, and is based on the default login URL.

Here’s the text from the doc:

client_id : ID of the client. If provided for tenants using New Universal Login experience, the user will be prompted to redirect to the default login route of the corresponding application once the ticket is used. See Configuring Default Login Routes for more details.Conflicts with: result_url

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Hi @dan.woda , no I did not haha… thanks for this!
let me try that on Monday :slight_smile:

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Hi @dan.woda thanks, with passing the client ID there’s a button after the password is changed that prompt the user to go back to the login page.

I have a couple of questions about this:

  • is it not possible to automatically redirect the user to the page?
  • currently the button shows the name of the application in auth0 - is there a way to show another display name or a generic “Go back to login page” button? (without using a customized template). The application name at the moment is not user friendly


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This is not possible at the moment. You can create a feature request for it here.

You can use the text customization API to change this text. Here is the link:

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