Redirect to external domain on logout

Hey all,

I’m currently writing an application where we’d like to redirect users to an external site on logout, for example they login and use “httpsL//” but once they logout we’d like to send them to “_”. I have “_” in my Allowed Logout URLs but on pressing logout am given the following error (during development, we’re not deployed yet):

invalid_request : The “returnTo” querystring parameter “http://localhost:3000” is not defined as a valid URL in “Allowed Logout URLs”. To add a new URL, please do it here:<id>/settings

Just to reply to this to say I did find a fix for this, though I’ve slept since I made this post (waiting for it to be approved), I think the solution was just to add the other domain to tenant settings which I didn’t realise were in a separate section of the dashboard

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HI @cameron3,

Sorry about the delayed response. Thank you for sharing your solution with our community! :+1: