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Recovering access to a lost tenant



Hi all,
Does anyone know if there is a way to claim/recover access to a tenant domain? There is a tenant domain, say, which I’m pretty sure I created and that it belongs to me. However, I don’t remember what email I used to create it. Is there a way to a) verify it does indeed belong to me, and b) to find the login email so that password recovery can be used to regain access to the account?
Will appreciate any input,


Hey @levahim!

Luckily we can do that for you using our admin tools. The only thing that I will need to do it is the tenant domain. Let me know in the private message.


I’m in the same situation

I tried to PM you @konrad.sopala but I only just created my account, so maybe my ability to PM isn’t active yet.


Hey @stephenz!

Haven’t got any message yet. If you can send your tenant name in private message one more time, I’ll go and investigate it! Thanks!


Hi Konrad,

I am in the same situation. I am unable to PM you.
Can I please get some help here?



Hey Folks!

I’ll connect with you via DM and will tell you what steps to take next.