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Recieving Error while trying to send Bearer Access token in Postman



I am going through the quickstart:

Having followed everything in there to setup a quick test with the private controller action, i am trying to send the bearer token that the test tab, under the api i created, provides me, in Postman to verify the authentication from Auth0 is working as intended. I get this error:
The address specified ‘https:///.well-known/openid-configuration’ is not valid as per HTTPS scheme. Please specify an https address for security reasons. If you want to test with http address, set the RequireHttps property on IDocumentRetriever to false.

I am trying to figure this one out, but have had no luck thus far. Any help would be appreciated.


Figured that out. I had to go back and change the authority and audience references to read the appsettings.json file correctly