ASP.NET API sample project returning "Bad Credentials"

I’m using this guide. I’ve not changed anything about it, beyond putting together the .env file. I start the project, use VSC’s rest client and get a bearer token (from us. auth0 .com), then use that bearer token to request http://localhost:4040/api/messages/protected which responds as “Bad Credentials”.

Did I miss a step?


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Can you check if you set the token in the header properly?

authorization: Bearer AUTH0-ACCESS-TOKEN


It has been set, but the error persists. I even tried explicitly including the word Bearer and it still ended up where we are.

For fun, I rebuilt the idea in Postman and now it gives me Internal Server Error. The exception is below:

Can you share the full request and any essential code snippets?

The full request is just GET http://localhost:4040/api/messages/protected with the bearer token.

As for code, the quick start linked above is the entire codebase.

I’ve checked the error, and it looks like it can be a networking/system problem → web api - System.InvalidOperationException: IDX20803: Unable to obtain configuration from: 'System.String' with .NET 5 - Stack Overflow

Close. So that was likely in reference to this line:

options.Authority = $"https://{builder.Configuration.GetValue<string>("AUTH0_DOMAIN")}/";

Which I had mistakenly configured to include the protocol and ending / inside the .env file. Removed those and I’ve got it to work inside postman.


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