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I’m currently using GitHub - auth0/react-native-auth0: React Native toolkit for Auth0 API for a React Native project. It works but was looking at integrating with the respective lock native solutions.

I noticed that there used to be an official solution: GitHub - auth0/react-native-lock: [DEPRECATED] A wrapper of Lock to use with React Native (iOS & Android)
My question: Was there a specific technical reason that it was deprecated or was it just to decrease maintenance overhead?


Hey there @thorben!

Let me research it and get that info for you!

Got an update!

So it was basically not to decrease the maintenance overhead but because of the fact that we want you to to avoid using that library and use react-native-auth0 and a browser based login. That’s just it

Thanks for the answer @konrad.sopala.

I see where react-native-auth0 is solid for prototyping / getting started quickly. However when trying to build / deliver a native experience, sending the user to the browser with the address bar visible, doesn’t feel like a very good user experience.

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Thanks a lot for that feedback! I’ll make sure to relay it to appropriate team!

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